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THE TRUTH ABOUT HAUNTINGS - Questions about hauntings answered from the Bible
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Is my house haunted ?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:08 pm    Post subject: Is my house haunted ? Reply with quote


1. Flies appear from nowhere when doors and windows are closed, especially in the winter when they are not suppose to be there.

2. Hearing voices, someone calling your name. children complain of hearing a man's , women's or childrens voices.

3. You can see something pass you at the corner of your eye.

4. smell of roses, perfume, or any smell that doesn't belong in your home.

5. Apports or Exports - objects appearing or your belongings disappear.

6. Cold spots or winds in certain areas of the haunted places

7. Things fall when you leave a room. especially when you go to bed.

8 Television, radio, coffeemakers, lights turn on by themsleves and
lights flicker making you think that you need to replace light bulps

9. You can feel someone watching you or feel someone follow you around the house.

10. Static on the phone especially when you talk the spirits that are haunting you home, hotel or haunted place.

11. The room is rearranged or something is in a different position then when you left it. For example if you closed a door, it may be open when you return. Immediately say God in the Name of Jesus Christ please protect me I bind you and cast you out in the Name of Jesus Christ. Repeat several times. You must start studying the King James Bible and practice it. That takes time so don't worry. You can stay at home to study your bible. Try to find a church that cast out demons and believes that Christians can have demons.

12. Toilets flush by themselves.

13. The water is running when you arrive home and you know that you made sure it was off when you left the house.

14. Objects drift in the air by themselves.

15. You get visions of what might have happened on the property.

16. You get visions of people that have died.

17. You get visions of future events.

18 Family members get hot and cold flashes , have pain, headaches, bruises on the body.

19. Family are in many accidents. Many accidents will occur outside your home as well.

20 Family members change the attitude. (don't blame them for this)

21 Fighting and divorce . (In the case of a haunting the spirits will cause fight among people who use to get along. )

22 You get an uncomfortable feeling when you start reading the Bible. You might even think that God is giving you a "Word". Becareful when you say "God Told Me", it may not be God .

23. Depression, cancer or death in the family where the haunting is taking place or has taken place with past residents.

24. When pictures are taken you can see orbs, streams of light or what appears to be a person .

25. You may see fog or what looks like a stream of smoke.

26. You receive information in your head about something when nobody is there. You might think that you thought of the idea. You didn't it's the demons.

27. You hear scratching noises. (if this happens , IMMEDIATELY say I bind you and command you to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ)

Sometimes people abandon their haunted house because the haunting is so bad. They are unaware that no matter how bad it is, Jesus Christ gave them authority to cast out these demons Mark 16 : 17. It may seem as if you can't defeat the evil spirits because they put fear into you by throwing objects, pull you out of bed, slam things especially at night.

If you do leave your haunted house the evil spirits WILL follow you . They might even keep silent for a time. At that point you MUST do daily deliverance on yourself until they leave. You must also learn how to protect yourself when you drive your car , enter a family member or friend's house or any building. (read the Spiritual Warfare Prayers in the Basic Deliverance Article on http://www.DeliveranceMinister.com

Please proceed to my You Tube video on hauntedhousebuster.com forum or the link here.

This video will give you a lesson about hauntings and will teach you how to cast out demons from your home. The spirits you are seeing are not the past residents, they are demons . The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11 : 14 that Satan and his demons can change into an angel of light.
If your house is haunted you must not only clean the house of the evil spirits you must do daily self deliverance because the spirits will enter you. Their main goal is to enter a human and take control causing them to rebel against God . Go to my website http://www.DeliveranceMinister.com to learn how to do self deliverance. Start with the Basic Deliverance Article. Demons don't come out automatically it takes time for we wrestle againt evil spirits. It could take months or years before they leave so don't give up. Study the King James Bible. Read my other artilces about hauntings


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