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THE TRUTH ABOUT HAUNTINGS - Questions about hauntings answered from the Bible
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Ghost researchers, ghosts societies, Ghost Hunter

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 3:48 am    Post subject: Ghost researchers, ghosts societies, Ghost Hunter Reply with quote

Ghost researchers, paranormal researchers, ghost hunters are not supported in the bible.

People don't have enough information about what to do so they usually think that they should call a ghost hunter or ghost investagator who show up with equipment and use psychics. They might instruct the person to contact an exorcist from the Catholic Church. In the King James Bible Mark 16 :17 Jesus Christ said that believers have the authority to cast out demons. If you believe in Jesus Christ this means you have the authority to cast out demons . The bible does not tell you that you have to go to anyone to have your demons cast out ? You might need some help in guiding you through the cleaning of your home, this website will help you with that. Jesus Christ is the Deliverer , not any person and He gave you full authority to deal with the spirits.

As for ghost hunters, ghost investagators or ghost societies. They show up with equipment to prove that ghost are in the house. We already know this because of the manifestations. The equipment is deadly because it attracts the spirits and you don't want this. All the activity from the ghost hunters. ghost investagators or ghost society don't solve the problem and you called them to help you get rid of the ghost not to attract them.

Some might even suggest that you use sage and put cord in the four cornors of the haunted house. This is not biblical. It's the Name of Jesus Christ that drives out spirits not a object. Objects are useless in driving out spirits or protecting your family. The objects will only invite more spirits. We are to call to the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ for help. Go to John 16 : 23. in the bible and please read it for youself.

Unreliable Psychics, Ghost researchers , ghost hunters, ghost investigators, ghost societies will ask you to sign something (don't) they will film and want wrights to the film (don't give it to them) They will go on radio , television or write a book with YOUR story. You should be the one to make appearances with YOUR story not them. Power, fame and money is their motive . They might tell you our sevices are free of charge, but yet they take YOUR story and make $$$$$$$$$$$ in the long run. Just take a look on the books shelves of books stores. Take a look at the books ghost investigators write. They tell of hauntings, but offer no help to get rid the ghost. You call them thinking that they will help you GET RID OF THE GHOST NOT TO WRITE BOOKS. I've read some of their books. I have observed many ghost stories without ever stating that they actually helped the people get rid of ghosts. It's not their story becasue all they did was show up with equiptment and call someone else for help.
If it's not their's isn't that stealing ? Do they feel that because they coned desperate people to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE , THAT IT WAS ALRIGHT TO STEAL.....LET'S FACE IT ....STEALING IS STEALING. LET'S STOP CALLING IT WRIGHTS.

Psychics - these mediums are sensitive to the spirit world. This is not a good thing because they attract demons. We are forbidden to use psychics or mediums to help us solve any problems because they get their information form spirits and not from God. I can back up this in the bible , please go to Deutronomy 18 : 9 - 12 and read it . God calls the use of psychics or meduims an abomination. A good deliverance minister has experience with evil spirits and knows how demons operate. A deliverance minister will help you with the removal of spirits. A good deliverance minister will call on the Name of Jesus Christ to help them and cast out demons by His name. An excellent Minister will seek God's help for everything that the minister does.

A reliable Deliverance Minister will not charge for their services nor ask for tithes. The minister will freely give without an ideas of making a movie or writing a book about someone elses story. A reliable Minister will put ALL the information on a website and not try to sell you books or tapes. A reliable minister does not ask anyone to sign anything for any reason.

So please do not request help from Ghost Investigators, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Societies , Psychics or Mediums. Get your help from God the one who has a son Jesus Christ !

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